These Joshua Tree engagement photos are some of my FAVES – Alexis and Mick, you were amazing!!

couple touching tongues

The Gorgeous Location

We ventured up to Keys View in Joshua Tree National Park on this chillyyyy day in January. Sunrise can be rough at first for sessions/elopements, especially if you’re not a morning person (which I am usually nottt). AND especially if it’s freezing out and you’re not fans of the cold. But let me tell you: it is ALWAYS worth it!!

Keys View sits on the crest of the San Bernardino Mountains and gives you alllll the views of Coachella Valley. It’s such a beautiful lookout that you don’t have to hike miles and miles to get to.

joshua tree at sunrise

The Dreamy Lighting

This sunrise was nothing short of magical with Alexis and Mick. I mean WOW. The variety of lighting we got was crazy: we started off the session with a gorgeous blue hour, and with the mountains around us glowingggg pink + purple. It was windy right from the start but these two were rockstars about dealing with the cold!

Once it started getting lighter out, we got some gorgeous overcast, even, smooooth lighting that made everything look super soft around us. But that didn’t last for long – as the sun came up over the mountains we got the most STUNNING golden hour. Sunrise golden hour hits different than golden hour in the evening!

And after golden hour, the sun transitioned to bright sunlight that diffused beautifullyyyy through the mountains + trees of Joshua Tree National Park. It was seriously an amazing series of every lighting scenario you could imagine that we got to witness that morning!!

joshua tree engagement photos

Alexis + Mick’s Outfits

Plus, these two wore the most bomb outfits to go along with Joshua Tree’s scenery. At the beginning Mick rocked denim on denim, and Alexis somehow wore a skirt that showed off her legs even in the freezing cold. Her beige + brown neutral colors were perfect with the pink and purple blue hour light.

As the sun came up, they changed into my favvvv colors – burnt orange and olive green!! The DREAM color combo for Joshua Tree engagement photos. Alexis + Mick both made this sesh so fun and I’m so excited to share all the photos from it with you!!

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