This may be a stressful time for you, with countless hours being pouring into planning the perfect day. Well, here I am to help! I offer coverage that is specifically made for you. I want to work with who you are and what your envisioning for your day to make sure that your photos are exactly everything you've dreamed of and more.
     I offer coverage for proposals, engagements, intimate or massive weddings, and local or destination elopements. I want to make sure the details are tailored to you and your needs as well. So if that means we collaborate on an engagement session that feels just like you, but out of the box, then let's do it. If you want your elopement to be just you, the officiant, and me, I will be the best tissue holder, photographer, driver, and hype person that you will ever have. 

If you're wanting to fly me halfway around the world to celebrate the entire week with you, your family, and friends, while capturing everything on film and Super 8, I would say... "PLEASE DO THAT".
If you're just looking for a short ceremony coverage or a post-courthouse elopement portrait session, I will be there with the bubbly ready to toast to you!
Whatever you need, I can help with. I will hold the train. I will hug your grandma. I will bring you drinks at cocktail hour if you need a moment. I will dance my booty next to yours and get all the funny, intimate, classy (or not) dance-floor photos that you know will be a hit with your besties. 
I am not just here. But I am here for you.

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Wedding Collections begin at $5,200
Elopement Collections begin at $4,100
Engagement & Couples Sessions begin at $725
Videography Collections begin at $2,000
Boudior & Maternity Sessions begin at $575
Family Sessions begin at $625
Graduation Sessions begin at $575

I would describe my style as romantic, timeless, editorial, and chic.
I want you to feel the moment when you look back at your photos. I want you to be reminded of this season of life, of the specific moment in time, and the who you are currently.
I make sure how I shoot matches my clients. If you are someone who loves the wild, carefree, candid photos, or someone who craves the straight face editorial posing, or someone who wants a little of both, I got you. I want to make sure your photos reflect what you are envisioning, but also matching who you are at the end of the day.

I shoot both digital and film! I am incorporating both 35mm film, polaroids, and Super 8 film into my wedding packages as a la carte options. That way you can choose how much film you want me to use!

For engagement sessions, portraits, and other "small sessions" the turnaround time is 3-4 weeks. For proposals, there is 48 hour sneak peak turnaround time and then a 3-4 week full gallery turnaround time.
For weddings and elopements turnaround time is 15-18 weeks at peak season, and 12-15 weeks during the off season (non-summer months).

I am based in Portland, Oregon, but I will travel anywhere you need! My most booked places outside of Oregon are Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, Utah, and Arizona. I have been as far as Cancun and the East Coast, and as local as 10 minutes away from my house.
I am here for you, wherever that may be.

I have been a photographer for almost 8 years now, a wedding photographer for 7 years. I started my first year and a half in the fashion and editorial world and now I want to incorporate that into my shooting style and show off my couples in a light they never saw before.

First off, when I get home (or at least back to my computer if I am traveling), I back up your session on my hard drive. That gives me two SD cards that your photos were shot on, and an external hard drive where I will do all my work off of. Then I will cull (or go through) your photos, picking the best ones, and exporting them again onto the hard drive.
Whenever I am at my office desktop, I then place it on two more large external home hard drives that never leave my house. And when the photos are all edited, they get uploaded onto Pic-Time to be delivered to you! They stay on the cloud for one year so that all the photos you want can be downloaded and saved onto your own computer from there!

Yes yes yes!!!
When you book with me, I send out a guide that will give you all the information that you need to finalize your wedding planning!
Whether you need a planner and coordinator, a florist, a hair and makeup artist, a DJ, a videographer, a calligrapher, a caterer, a bartender, or a cake designer, I got you.

I do not give out unedited photos. I feel that the editing is apart of my art, a huge one at that. The time I take to make your photos really stand out and look just how they felt on the day they were took is apart of the process. When booking me, you're also booking the editing that I do as well. Since every photographer is different, you would not get the same style with editing yourself or with someone else. The RAW files are also not very magical, they are very plain in color and the process of going through them alone takes hours and hours. 

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My goal is always to make the photos and our session together reflect who you are, as individuals and as a couple together. I am not here to make you feel like you're trying to be someone you're not. You don't have to be. You are perfect just the way you are, and together you are even more captivating. Your proposal, engagement, wedding or elopement, and all the anniversaries that follow should be just that. YOU.

what you can expect

     From the first inquiry, I love hearing about you. Your love story: the how you met, the how you fell in love, the how we got to this point today.
     After you send it to my inbox, I will want to meet you. (I mean not always in person, but at least face to face over FaceTime or Zoom!) That way I can get to know who you are, answer any questions you may have, and explain how I am both behind the camera and by your side.
     Then after the call, if you have decided IM YOUR GIRL, then we'll sign the contract, send the deposit and you're LOCKED IN!!!
     We will plan the engagement session. I will send you all the guides and questionairre's to make sure we have everything prepped for your big day.
     AND THEN DAY OF: I will be right there next to you, cheering you on and capturing all the little in between's that you didn't even notice. I will be your right hand if you need anything. The buffer between you and the wild crowd that wants you. The speakerphone making sure your family behaves during portraits. Your booty shaking, cocktail drinking bestie on the dance-floor. 



February: San Diego / la / Sacramento
May: Las Vegas, California, Utah
june: San Diego, CA
August: Bend, OR
October: Italy
November: Las Vegas, NV



Let your wildest dreams become reality. Let go of what you think you have to do, and make way for what you WANT to do. This is your moment, embody exactly what you're envisioning.
This is your change to really shine.
And shine you will.