Hello and welcome to my world of senior photography! Based in the city of Portland, Oregon, I specialize in capturing those cherished moments, both in film and digital formats. As an experienced senior photographer, my aim is to authentically portray your unique journey and personality. And guess what? I'm not just limited to Portland—I'm ready to hit the road and travel wherever your heart desires. Let's make your senior session a memorable one! Reach out today, and let's turn your photo dreams into reality.

Portland Oregon Senior Photo Summer Session | Miranda

Senior Sessions

It’s about to be Summertime in Portland, Oregon and that means all the summer senior sessions coming up! Can you feel that warm Portland sun on your skin? It’s the perfect time for an unforgettable photo session that captures the essence of this special moment in your life. Think about this: during your Portland, Oregon […]

WHY we're the perfect match


Hey there, seniors! Let me tell you why we're a match made in photography heaven. First off, I'm all about capturing your senior year in style, whether that's through timeless film or crisp digital photos. From the classic charm of film to the modern edge of digital, I've got you covered.

But here's the real magic: I pride myself on being super easy to work with. No stiff poses or awkward moments here—just good vibes and genuine smiles. Let's have fun together and make some memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

And speaking of memories, that's what it's all about, right? I want your senior portraits to be more than just photos—they're snapshots of this incredible chapter in your life. Let's create stylish, stunning images that reflect your unique personality and style. Because trust me, when you look back on these photos, you'll be reminded of just how amazing your senior year truly was. Let's make some magic together, shall we?